About Simple Church Tools

Built by a pastor
(with help from friends)

My name is Ryan Hayden, and for the last five years I've serve as the pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Mattoon, IL. Prior to that I was a Christian school teacher, an youth pastor, a song leader and a camp director.

I've also been making websites on the side since 2004 and I've founded a web development company called Row & Table where I lead a team that builds custom web based software for secular companies.

As a pastor, I'm always looking for tools to help our church and finding that either 1) they don't exist or 2) they were designed for churches either larger or more contemporary than we are. So I've decided to use my software making skills and employ my team to make tools for churches.

Me and my guys devote two work weeks a month to working on new tools for churches. Check out what we have coming up and read our blog for more details.